Thursday, October 8, 2009

One of my favorite features on my MAC...

I just want to pause for a moment and thank whoever came up with the 'view all application windows' on MAC OSX....

This feature has changed my work flow and allowed me to be my often seemingly random-self while maintaining a productive work flow! Far from more closely imitates the way I see things in my mind's-eye - as I am - grooving a long moment-to-moment. The 'view-all' screen is a nifty tool and GREAT reminder of the objects I am juggling in my mind that allows me to re-focus...not to mention easily shift between apps.

As technology becomes more advanced and user-friendly...It is becoming more and more 'cool' to be myself...a bit ADD and a lot Dyslexic, because it slowly allows a more fluid extension of my 'consciousness' as it is. These little advancements both shape and increasingly allow more intellectually-informed intuitive expression and for that I am deeply grateful!

I can't wait for a holographic and tactile interface!!! A please, let's not forget sound!

Thanks all you sexy-smart engineers that make this possible!

1 comment:

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