Saturday, October 3, 2009

The weekend after...Walking around Tian'anmen today

National Center for the Performing Arts...

This is where I went to see the Lucerne Festival!

People, people...everywhere.

Yum Yums.

Left, right, left...

This man is sporting his 60 year sticker... Only saw about a million of those today.

Boys to the rescue...

I just like this one.

That thing I said in the previous blog about the guns? I take it back. Beijing SWAT team, in da house.

This kid was so excited to get some sugar-covered cherries! Yummy. His mom let me try one! No kidding. It was sooooo good! :)

He's such a poser...National Center for the Performing Arts.

Monument in Tian'anmen...



A massive official-looking building.

This is so typical in Beijing! Any space big enough to lay down is a nap spot!


Markie said...

Amazing pictures Kim! Can't wait to get back to Beijing again!

Kim Smith said...

Thanks, Mark! I have others I will post them on Facebook! :) You getting excited about your trip? What's the countdown, now?

Markie said...

I'm getting on the train to Berlin on November 2nd and will arrive in Beijing on December 3rd! So yeah, I'm getting a little excited!

Only 9 days of work left and then I have 2 weeks to relax and prepare myself for the big trip!

Lisa said...

And mum is excited too!
And Kim: Chinese people can sleep everywhere. Not just in Beijing.
Love Lisa

Rrramone said...

I love that picture of the blurry army person. Wow.

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