Thursday, October 1, 2009

Beijing on OCT 1 - photos from the street

What you will see are a few photos from an area just North/East of Tian'anmen Square. The entire area was blocked off for miles around Tian'anmen and what you will see is people going about daily life and an increase of security, police and military presence. I learned a lot about the area from local people. My schoolmate and I got as close as one could possibly get to the festivities...We actually got onto a restricted road where the dignitaries, ambassadors and those attending the festivities were being shuttled in an out.

Overall, the presence of authority in the area surrounding Tian'anmen was awesome. However, it was primarily the number of people that seemed impressive, but not in weapons. I have only seen a gun on police officers here once. Yes, the cops here don't have guns...

The popular shopping area, Wangfujing, was completely shut down. Below there are a couple of shots of police just standing on the vacant road. I have never seen Wangfujing empty and THAT was as impressive as the presence of authority.

I was extremely conservative with my photographs, for obvious reasons...But this might give you a little taste of life *around* the close as any human could get who wasn't actually in or attending the events.

(above) A very long day for Beijing Police standing in Wangfujing, vacant and a bit eerie.

Poor guys, military stood at attention most of the day. (Wangfujing Dajie/street) How do they keep from passing out?

Police presence doesn't always pimp it in the Audi's! Check out this trashy ride!!!

Volunteers wore these yellow shirts for National Day (above and below)

Motorcycle cop...I saw this guy many times today...

Locals riding past a government building, this building houses an, umh... "investigative" branch... (knocks at the door)

Security guards were in love with this female statue...

Men playing...chess?

Flags were all over the alleys and streets...
Military marching. Apparently this street houses...umh, yeah: important people. (again, knocks at door)
On the road leading to Tian'anmen - police and military escorted all of the dignitaries and guests who were attending the celebration...I have never seen so many black Audi A6's in my life. Glad to know the police also sport the Mercedes Benz.
My Schoolmate, TaoJing and I at WangFuJing tonight.

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