Tuesday, September 15, 2009

BLCU registration gets an EPIC FAIL

I have spent over five hours trying to register and get my room. Oh, riiiight. I can't register yet because I must have a room number (makes no sense) but I can't get a room because they don't have any left. FAIL #1

I am a scholarship student, which means that the housing is provided
by the University. Others, without a scholarship, are dismissed and told to find a place. EPIC FAIL #2

I'm lucky, I have a scholarship. Two Italians lost their cool and were freaking out and some guy from, don't know where, yelled at the guy behind the desk, in Chinese - impressive.

I suppose it is easy to be cool when other people get to be "that guy" and I just watched the circus. I was first in line and the guy told me (and dozens traveling from around the globe: "sorry,
rooms are all full")

Umh, WTF? But, since I have scholarship they would help. (awkward glares in my direction)

Then they sent me over to a building next to staff dorms and told me
that it would be 25RMB a night. That is like $4 a night. I figured out the cost and was mildly annoyed, but (not fuming like
the Italians) So, I said: no problem that adds up to $500 for the term of the
semester. So, I go over there and they tell me that they have no
rooms. Umh, but they just sent me over there. Keep in mind it was
probably over mile walk.

I'm sitting here, back where I started, waiting for them to figure it
out. (ha)

I started surfing the net looking for apartments and they cost
starting at ¥6000, which is like $900 US. A month. Whoa. Two
bedroom is ¥8000 or $1100. That wouldn't be too bad with a roommate.
Not sure how this will turn out...

Pic of me now...do i look tired and a little annoyed? I feel pretty
zen inside...


Rrramone said...

You look like you could kick some serious ass. :-) So sorry to hear about all those hassles. AND I am glad you made it there ok. Keep sharing the adventure, I am enjoying reading your progress! xoxo

annisleung said...

did you finally get a room? My older bro just went to study mandarin in Tsing Hua U in BJ last week. He told me that the toiletries were pretty expensive. I hope you will be fine.