Friday, September 25, 2009

Swede and American on a scooter...

Today my classmate, Nils, showed me his new electric scooter 1700¥.
This was quite an adventure and helpful because I am considering
getting a bicycle for getting around campus.

How was the ride? Well, a bit like an episode of the Flinstones.
Nils started up the scooter and the (imagine Fred Flinstone) used his
feet to get the scooter moving. We didn't even make it off campus and
had a little crash with a bicycle.

Granted we can't compare what we call a crash in The States because
scooters here are in the bike lane, not with the cars.

So, a crash is not really a big thing like a motorcycle. What happens
is more like a little comedy... So today the Chinese were laughing at
two blondies on a Beijing! :)

Here is a short video and little picture!


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